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Wordle and the Word

I admit, I was a bit late to the Wordle craze.  When Wordle images started popping up in my Facebook feed, I initially thought, who cares?  But then, my son mentioned that he had tried Wordle, my curiosity was piqued, and the rest is history.

At first, my Wordle game took place at random hours of the day, at moments when I’d have a brief pause in my work or activity.  Like waiting in the car for my daughter’s violin lesson to finish, or waiting for the water to boil on the stove, or sitting on the toilet.

Sometimes I would forget to do the day’s Wordle. 

But, inevitably, I would see a friend’s post on Facebook – Wordle 268 2/6.  Or my son would holler out from his bedroom, “Did you do the Wordle yet?” Or my daughter (who now also plays) would come home from school and say, “What did you get?” 

So now, due to the daily nature of it and the social aspect of it, I hardly ever forget to do the day’s Wordle.  It is so fresh on my mind each day, that it has even become part of my morning routine.  I sit down next to the window, with a cup of coffee in one hand and my phone in the other, and watch my youngest get on the bus.  Then, before I get on with the busy-ness of the day, I play the Wordle word. 

Yesterday, I even shared my very first Wordle post.  (Oh no!  I’ve become one of “those people!”)

As playing Wordle has become habitual, I’ve started thinking,

What if Christians approached Scripture the same way?  What if we took a few minutes to read just a brief chapter at the start of our day?  What if we thought to ourselves, we don’t want to miss out on today’s Word!   And what if we shared what we’re learning each day with the people around us? 

If we were as joyful and spontaneous in sharing what God is teaching us in Scripture, our posts might look something like this:

Word of God 357 3/6
Sharing because I was proud of this one - what a great God we serve!
Word of God 358 2/6
I got it in only 2 read-throughs today, but that was pure Holy Spirit!
Word of God 359 5/6
This one was hard!  Too many possibilities for interpretation...
Word of God 360 6/6
This one took me all the way to verse 6 to figure out!
Word of God 361 6/6
Is it just me, or has the Word gotten harder since Paul took over?
Word of God 360 3/6
Want to join my Word of God Facebook page, so we can share what we're getting each day?
Word of God 361 6/6
Today's Word was so hard!  I think it's because my typical approach to Scripture didn't work with this Word.
Word of God 362 5/6
Today's Word was challenging.  I even had to do research, because I wasn't sure what the Word meant.
Word of God 363 2/6
Word of God 364 5/6
Once I got it, it seemed so obvious!

Some people, once they get a taste of Wordle, want more.  (Have you tried Heardle?  Quordle?  Octordle?  Squabble?  SWordle?  Worldle?  Absurdle?)  I expect that the same will happen when we make it a habit to read God’s living and active Word every day, and when we talk about the Word with our family and friends.

Psalm 365 2/6
OT    365 5/6
NT    365 3/6

So today, gather your coffee, your phone, and your Bible… and spend some time in Wordle and the Word.

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