Worship Song of the Month

Worship Song of the Month

April 15: King of Kings

At our church, we recently concluded a sermon series on the book of Matthew and are continuing the narrative with a series on The Acts of the Apostles. I’ve decided to focus our Worship Song of the Month devotionals on three blessings we see outlined in the third verse of King of Kings, as well as in the book of Acts: The Church, The Spirit, and Resurrection Life.

This week’s devotional on the blessing of CHURCH is published as a stand-alone post on my blog page, because I think viewing the Church as a blessing is an important topic. As a worship leader and worshipper, it concerns me to see the Church devalued, and sometimes replaced, by an emphasis on individual spirituality. I hope you’ll consider the wonderful gift that God has given us in the Church, through the eyes of the apostle Paul in Ephesians 1-3.

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